• Gone To Memphis 5:48

"This is 100% bluegrass with a gospel bend that touches on each genre’s past while looking bravely into the future."

      - Vents Magazine

"LaTresa combines elements of bluegrass, traditional country, and blues to create a fresh sound. LaTresa's vocals exude an earthy quality that ventures far beyond the boundaries of bluegrass." “well-written songs that should get some attention…”

          - Bluegrass Unlimited


The Blood and The River is available now!


The Blood and the river

free spirit

Love, babies, jesus

and sweet potato pie

"LaTresa's vocals ring out clear and pretty...a reliable,tight performance...it's evident that LaTresa has now made up her mind to cast a velvet and chainmail glove into the bluegrass female vocal arena."

    - Bluegrass Music Profiles

  • The Blood and The River3:18

  • Promise You'll Be There2:25